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Achievements & the inception of Royalty Pro3

Main objective:

Royalty Pro 3 enterprise was established by a team of seven partners with a clear mission in mind, look for the lowest risk investment opportunities with relatively higher ROIs for the shortest period of time, and conjure up the best possible way to secure our profit. We went through a long and extremely hard road before we got to this point were we can finally offer our service for the wide public safely. Our common experience as an undivided unit have grown stronger, which has aspired us to go beyond our standard ways of operation and progress forward into the wide web of endless possibilities. Unlike many others we believe that true prosperity & success can only be accomplished as a healthy community with shared goals. If we'll succeed in our mission, the risk of everyone involved would be minimized while profits would be exponentially maximized!

Company's History

Team of directors.
In 2001 we have decided to open an office and manage all our investment relationship from there, since then Michael Solomon took the responsibility to be the executive director for all foreign affairs (today he's the main partner in Royalty Pro3 team). At that time our operation was smaller and focused mainly in real estate and the financial sector, we have lacked the resources and experience that we have now days, but we always had great motivation to learn and explore new opportunities. That's how we have managed to expend into other investment sectors (like Tourism and Energy), and find our success in spite of the challenges.

New technology and the rise of e-Currencies:
In 2005 we've witnessed an increase in e-Currency activity and with it the a new opportunities to participate in shared pools of investments, one of our most successful real estate decision was the investment in the production of Dubai's luxury properties on Palm Jumeirah Island. That opportunity has already realized its gains in early 2008, along with other shared investment in the middle east. The use of virtual offices allowed us more freedom to conduct our business from anywhere in the world, and provided better control especially in the Finance and Trading sectors, where constant alerts and advanced logistics are required. We have also been active in developing new brokerage platform solutions for mortgage loans and insurance agents. Understanding the importance of communication and the growth in technology uncovered lucrative opportunities to expand into the Export / Import trading sector using a 24/7 portable monitoring software. Eventually we have learned to automate almost every trading activity without the necessity to use a single office for each and everyone of our team.

Expansion into Tourism and Energy sectors:
Expansion into Tourism and Energy sectors: By mid 2009 we have managed to realize an annual gain of 2150% from Tobacco and Cacao plantations contracts with 2 major farms partnership in Brazil and China. Financial sector was slow at that time due to the global financial crisis however we saw new potential and managed to help with the silent financing of 9 perspective online start-ups endeavors in the field of SEO / IT services. Later on, two of those turned out to be real successful and provided amazingly high ROIs.

Increased capital and experience opened new doors for our team, we have examined the opportunity to participate in new Macau casino resort development and in late 2008 we finally decided to close the deal with future online casino references. In early 2009 we have signed an affiliate deal with a major online travels guide for Macau's referrals. By that time we have also finished developing our business blueprints to meet with the Energy sector financial mechanisn.

After 10 years, the inception and launch of Royalty Pro 3's investment platform.
In early 2011 we saw an exponential growth in 5 out of the 7 sectors we were active in. We have already collected our profits from the last two successful startup businesses that we helped to finance back in 2009, the high % returns from the Macau travel guide referrals, as well as our casino resort shares showed signs of steady growth and a bright future. Even the foreign currency and metal exchange spots that we have placed that year have started to generate substantial profit. Our real estate investments has realized a stable income, and we have got a great deal of help from local property management companies in both Brazil and China (from our reference at the Cacao plantation farms). The investment in Solar / Wind green energy power stations start to show positive up-trends in demand, and although they have yet to realize gains, we expect it to start producing profit from local residents by next year. As a trading mediator we have managed to brokerage a deal for exporting over 50,000MT of constructive aluminum profiles, and more than 125,000 plastic toys from china to north America.

“ RP3 is by far my best addition to our financial sector portfolio „  Michael Solomon

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