Frequently Asked Questions
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Who runs ?

The main share holders are Michael Solomon & Co. The website technical aspects and daily communication are being handled by our highly experienced and skillful support team, please see our contact page to find out more details about support team. Almost every business / marketing decision is supervised and authorized by our executive director, Michael Solomon, who is fully devoted to providing our members with a top-notch support and practical investment experience.

What is mission ?
We have a singular target in mind, to maintain the optimal investment conditions for our international investors. We offer the opportunity to benefit from the lowest risk investment service in the HYI industry, investments with the highest reachable R.O.I's for the shortest period of time possible, and over the longest term available. We are completely dedicated to support our mission and provide you the best-in-class financial service, and professional help online. To read more, please see about us page.

Where can I see / enter feedbacks about your company performance ?

You can see our members feedback and enter your own in anyone of our monitoring, rating, and forum web sites out there.
We highly appreciate our members feedback, so please take a moment to write about your own experience with us, thank you.

Is incorporated ?

Yes, we are registered as an offshore limited liability company name: Finance Your Dream, LTD in England and Wales.
To check our company registration certificate, please click here.

General Questions:

How can provide and maintain such a profit ?

We are averaging between 56% to 67% net profit monthly which is around 1.86% to 2.23% interest per day, generated across all our ventures, online and offline. That's more than the investment plans intended for our members, and thous we are able to secure the profit we are claiming to make on the site. As explained in about us page, operation is secured & backed up by the large portion of our assets already generated for the past 10 years of our successful work experience as a team. All our generated assets are constantly growing by a slightly higher rate in compare to the investment plans we offer in our plans page.

How many active investments am I allowed to have ?

Every member is allowed to have up to 10 active investments at once. Check out your account page to see the current status of your working or open investment slots.

What is the Minimum / Maximum amount allowed to invest ?

We currently have a rather low minimum amount to invest of $20 for our initial test plan and up to $30,000 the maximum allowed for the most advanced Pro plan.

What payment methods do you accept ?

We are currently accepting the following payment methods: PerfectMoney, Bitcoin and Payeer as they are all providing fast, easy and secure service to make online payments.

What if I do not have an online e-Currency account yet ?

Please signup for your free account at any of the following: PerfectMoney, Block chain for Bitcoin and Payeer that takes around 5 minutes to signup and can be funded rather fast, within 48 hours you can start invseting with us, After signing up, you can easily fund your Perfect Money or other e-currency accounts via bank wire or other options, using our recommended exchanger services: eCardOne, AurumXchange both are good for bank wires and WM-Center if you want Western Union, you can always contact us for more funding options.

Do you have an affiliates program ?

Yes, we have a very lucrative affiliate program. For every new investment your referral will make, we will instantly credit you 3% in commission.

Can I still earn the commission without being an active member ?

Yes, we allow anyone to signup and join our affiliate program, it's a great opportunity for earning yourself an extra income.

How can I promote your site and refer members ?

You can use your unique referral url, simply copy and send it to your friends and family via email, instant massaging and / or your favorite social network.

Can I promote your program using kinds of spam methods ?

Absolutely NOT! We will not tolerate any type of SPAM (UCE, forum spam, PM spam, IM spam, etc.). If you are caught spamming, your account with us will be terminated.

When will my investment be approved and added to my account ?
Usually your investment is instantly credited into your account as active investment inside your private "ACCOUNT" page, and also shown in "INVESTMENTS" page under "STATISTICS". However, if you don't see it there you don't need to worry as you will not lose any time, please give it some time and re-visit your account later on that day before contacting us.

How frequently are you updating my account earnnings ?

Your account is updated automatically and in a real time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and you can always access your account to keep track of it.

Do I get my investment principal back ?

Yes, that would be on expiration of the investment term.

What is my total R.O.I after the investment period has ended ?

Your minimum return on investment will be a total of 373% including your pricipal which is returned at the end of investment period after 90 days for the Pro plan, and a total of 283% for the Expert plan, and a total of 171% for the Standard plan, and a total of 129% for the Test plan.
Your ROI could reach high above this ratio if you will choose to re-invest your earnnings.

When is the re-invest (compound) option available ?

This option is available only if you have enough funds in your account balance, our minimum to invest of $20 appllies here as well.

Are there any hidden fees ?

No, there are no hidden fees.

When can I request to withdraw ?

You can request to withdraw at anytime, once you reach our minimum amount to withdraw of $1.00.

When will my withdrawal request be processed ?

Your request will be accomplished manually.
Business Days are: Monday to Friday (excluding holidays); Working Hours: 8:30AM - 6:00PM.

Technical Questions:

How do I become member ?

Click Here, and fill out the signup form.
The signup procedure was made quite easy and fast for your convenience.

How do I make my first investment ?

In order to make an investment with us, you must first become our registered member. Once you are registered, you can always login to your private & secure account area using your username and password you first signed up with and make your investment. You will need to click on "INVEST" in top menu, there you can choose a payment method and follow the page simple instructions to complete your investment. The transaction is secure, fast and convenient (takes around 2 minutes).

How can I re-invest (compound my profits) ?

You can re-invest (compound) directly from your account balance, simply log into your private account and click on "INVEST" in the top menu, there you can choose the source of the investment, click on the "INTERNAL" to open a sub-menu and choose your available payment balance (you must mark your choice by clicking on it).
Afterward you just need to fill in the amount (from the available balance for your chosen payment type) and hit the "CONFIRM "INVESTMENT" button to complete.

Can I re-invest daily or as many times as I wish?
You can re-invest as many time as you wish, and even every day but you can have up to 7 active investments working at once before your oldest one expired and you are allowed to continue, so for maximum profit it's not advised to re-invest daily but weekly.

How can I request to withdraw ?

To make a request you need to log into your account and click on "WITHDRAW" in top menu, then fill in the necessary info to complete your withdrawal request.

How can I change my E-mail address and / or Payment account info ?

If you have not add your payment info during signup, you can login and add it inside "EDIT PROFILE" page, however, if you have already add it before and you wish to change it or your e-mail address please open a ticket in here, choose "Profile change" as the subject, write down what you would like to change and why, also please make sure to include your "Support PIN" for security identification.

Where can I change my Password ?

You need to log into your private account area and click on "EDIT PROFILE", there you can change your password.

What if I forgot my account password ?

In that case you must reset your password, by entering your username or e-mail address into our secure Forgot Password Page.
You will receive an e-mail to confirm this action and identify yourself before we proceed with resetting your password.

Where can I monitor my investment progress (interest) ?

Please log into your private account area, and see "INTEREST EARNINGS" under "STATISTICS". Your investment interest will be automatically added to your account balance every business day.

Contact Methods:

Do you have telephone support ?

Currently we don't offer telephone support, but it will be available as soon as we have worked out the logistics required for handling calls from our world wide members.
However, we are always doing our best to reply asap to our support tickets, emails, and chat available here.

In case of technical problem or other questions, how can I contact you ?

If you have any further questions or technical issues that you did not find an answer to above, you are more than welcome to contact our friendly support team here.

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