Operation Security
Staying ahead of the curve 24/7!

Money Transactions on Royalty Pro :
We have enforced SSL encryption on all dynamic response pages
to secure financial transactions and account changes per demand.

Privacy Policy & Costumer Support :
One of the key advantages of using our service is the fact that we ensure 100% confidentiality until asked otherwise in written notice.
If you have been a victim of hacking, we advice you to contact our 24/7 technical support as there wasn't any case we weren't been able to solve yet. Royalty Pro 3 support team is always at you service!

Data Isolation :
Our database is located in Clifton, New Jersey with an encrypted isolation, and constant backups for instant recovery in the slim chance of a breach.

Database Mirroring :
Our sensitive & classified data is stored on high-end redundant servers with specially configured RAID to guarantee full data integrity for both parties.

Uniquely Customized Script :
We have collaborated with few script developers in order to enforce security and apply all recent patches for covering up all the known vulnerabilities.

For higher levels of data privecy we have utilized virtual keybourds for sensitive input boxes, and additional withdraw code for double identity confirmation.
Furthermore, we occasionally perform client's IP checks and if we detect a suspicious behavior of any kind, the client will be asked to provide his/her
“Support PIN” immediately, for identifying themselves as the true account holder before we could proceed to apply protective measures.

General Security Note :
Our servers are fully managed, constantly monitored & tested for back doors by highly experienced personal to ensure we have over 99% up-time service. It's one of our main goals to provide a fast universal website accessibility, with hassle free and easy-to-use investment environment. In the recent years we have gained vast experience working online, and we've became highly aware to most kinds of hacking attacks. As a result, we are always striving to achieve higher levels of security because we believe that our clients shouldn't be bothered with security issues at all, leaving our team of specialists to handle such issues behind the scenes.

Clean Pipe DDoS Protection :
We are using solution with their protected DNS and 24/7 mitigation service it is very difficult to perform a distributed denial of service attacks. In addition, we have also developed a unique filtering system using both our software and high-end hardware firewall to enforce a clean traffic passage.

Server & Site Monitoring :
It's important for us to stay connected and make sure our site is available to you. That's why we use 24/7 monitoring service with specialist in stand-by.

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